Arjay Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian company who designs, manufactures, sells and supports process and environmental controls for the industrial process and environmental markets.

bench top unit

HydroSense 2410 on-line industrial wastewater and produced water HydroSense 3410 and 3420 This benchtop model uses a fluorescence technique to readily correlate to laboratory methods such as EPA 1664 and ISO 9377-2.

The standard measurement range is 0-100 ppm petroleum oil (TPH) in water.

HydroSense 3410 and 3420

on-line clean or filtered water

The closed loop design uses a fluorescence or light scatter technique for oils in clean or filtered water. The 3410 is selective to petroleum oils. The 3420 responds to any oil type.

These are typically used on cooling water and bilge separators.

HydroSense 2410

on-line industrial wastewater and produced water

The unique non-contacting flow through design is ideal for industrial wastewater and produced water applications.

The fluorescence approach is selective to petroleum hydrocarbons for process and environmental monitoring.


2882-LS Probe Mounted Switch
2852-LS Remote Mounted Switch
2880-LT Probe Mounted Transmitter
2852-LT Remote Mounted Monitor
4100-LEV Remote Mounted Controller

Capacitance level probes for liquids and solids are available with relays, 4-20 mA outputs, RS-485 communication, and user friendly displays.

Plugged Chute Detection 2852-PCD

The in-line non-intrusive sensor measures the dielectric change as solids displace air during a plugged condition.

This alerts equipment and operators before extensive process damage occurs

Open Channel Flow 4100-OCF

Pre-programmed weir and flume calculations are available on this unit with flow, level, and totalization relays. The display provides flow rate and totalization.

Area Leak Alarms 2852-LPS

Up to 3 sensor pucks can be monitored for a common alarm at the remote alarm box. The sensors can be placed around machinery, tanks, in electical vaults, sub-floors... anywhere a liquid leak might occur.

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