Single Screw Pump
Kosaka Single Screw Pump

Most appropriate for high viscosity fluids containing sludge. Used for sewage plants, ships, chemical plants, food products, etc


  • Capacity: Max. 330m3/h
  • Head: Max.2.4 MPa
Twin Screw Pump

Transfers low viscosity fluids containing fine sludge, air, gases, etc. and high viscosity fluids, having a long service life


  • Capacity : Max. 1700 m3/h
  • Head : Max. 7 MPa
Three Spindle Pump

Efficiently transfers lubricant fluids containing no sludge (fuel oil, lubricant, etc.).


  • Capacity : Max. 400 m3/h
  • Head : Max. 15 Mpa
Centrifugal Pump

Kosaka Centrifugal pump should make special specifications good as vertical type lubrication oil pump and direct connection type lubrication pump.

Kosaka have many supply record of ,any experience and technology.