Pulse Radar
Type: Microwave Level Meter

The microwave level meter measures the time from when the level meter emits pulse radar waves from the antenna to when the waves(echoes) reflected from the object to be measured return to the meter, which is then calculated into a distance.


State-of-the-art data processing technology with uniqe automatic disturbance echo elimination realizes superior wide variety of applications

Cement Silo

Excesive dust floats in a pneumatic feeding line of a cement silo.   When cement is fed into the silo by a pneumatic conveyor line, excessive dust is created and it floats in the cement silo

Floating dust does not affect the performance of the level meter, because microwaves can pass through the dust.   Levels of cement can be measured without any problem even when moving cement from a tank truck to silos.

Clinker Silo

Measurement is possible in any area of a cement plant; mine, burning, AQC, clinker of milling. The microwave level meter can apply to any type of environment: high temperature. wetness, etc. Concerning kilns, the microware level meter is very useful even under environments such as industrial waste treatment process.

Fly-ash Silo

Measuring levels of fly ash(coal ash) is considered to be difficut, because air is blown into the silo fro the bottom . Numbers of microwave level meters have been employed recently for many flyash silo applications in power plants. These microwave level meters show their measurement performance with high reliability.


The microwave level meter can continuously monitor the level of the burning layer in a refuse indicator.   At incineration plants, the level of gargage can also be measured. It can also be used for tanks of fuels or chemical liquides.


The radiation angle of this product is 8 which is narrower than earlier models.   The product is suitable for use in long-cylinder-like silos to measure levels of materials such as grains, pellets, and cement.

Chemical Tank

The microwave level meters in the MWLM-PR26 series include a meter with a PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) Antenna, Becuase PTFE has a high chemical resistance, the meter can be used to measure levles of corrosive liquids.

Thank with Gaseous Materials

Ultrasonic level meters are not suited for measuring levels of materials that generate gas, because the gas affects the speed of sound. The microwave level meters can measure the levels without being affected by the gas the bank.

Water Level of River

The microwave level meter can carry out continuous measurement without being affected by weather condtions such as rain, wind or snow.   Since it does not have any emission sound, it can be used near residential areas.